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Johan Lundberg is a musician, composer and sound artist whose work explores great auditory curiosity, in which the exploration of the convergence between acoustic and electronic sound phenomena is constantly front and center. He is a multi-instrumentalist whose main instrument and constant companion is the guitar. Lundberg grew up in Umeå and has lived in Malmö since 2015, where he was educated at the Malmö Academy of Music. In his musical universe, Johan moves freely between different expressions and blurs the boundaries between free improvisation, electronic pop music and cinematic soundscapes.

During the residency in Hylte, he was interested in deriving compositions from places in the area, where field recordings serve as raw material and inspiration, in order to then be processed electronically, refined and used as musical building blocks in the composition process. By interacting with the place and the people, he explored history and collective memory, as well how the stories influence the dramaturgy and  musical form. Recordings from natural and social phenomena have been transcribed and translated into tonal material, harmonics and rhythms which are joined into unified pieces.

(Photo: Eva Troive)

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