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People and Place

March October 2020


They say we live our lives in filtered bubbles and halls of mirrors, that truth has become relative and fleeting, that it’s gone off the rails. And we worry that the truth, which we had seen until recently as available to all, is instead hidden, obscured and only accessible to some. That lies spread like wildfire, take hold and risk toppling our societies as we know them.

But has this always been the case?

Stories, lies and legends

The residency People and Place aims to explore what stories, lies and legends mean to a place and the people in it. What connections, intersecting points and antagonisms exist between the memories, stories and folk beliefs of the elderly – like songs, proverbs, fairy tales, legends, superstitions, beliefs – and young people’s new arenas for information-sharing, the spread of rumors and social community? How do stories, lies and urban legends shape a place?


Residence artists

Johan Lundberg

People and Places

Anna Westberg

People and Places

Alexander Rynéus

People and Place

AIO Journal

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AIO Journal #9

Petra Johansson

Hanna Bergman

Davor Abazovic

Kristina Meiton

Helena Persson

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