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May October 2023


The residency Shadowplay seeks to rediscover, identify, bring to the surface, and shed a new light on Rydöbruk’s history based on less prominent stories, life events, memories, or such. As well as the archival material that can be linked to these, a material that over the years has been collected and preserved at Rydö Bruksmuseum, in the heart of Halland’s oldest mill site. Stories which, in different ways, are still remembered in the village.

Microhistories from Rydö

Every site consists of many layers. Certain stories connected to it have been continuously traded and have a certain place in the collective memory. Like a detailed development plan these stories bring some kind of order and help us interpret a site. But what happens to all that does not fit in a detailed plan, or to that which is created alongside it? The layers of stories are many and sometimes parallel. Some may be more obscured or hidden from the general memory, but are still visible for those who look carefully. These traces are sometimes preserved only as a hint on the back of a photograph. Other times the traces can be much more elaborated, as in a series of notebooks that are carefully packed into a shoe box and handed over to the local museum. What happens when we take a closer look at these traces? Which stories emerge in such process? And how do they emerge?

How can an artistic activation of these microhistories pave the way for a more complex understanding of the layers of overlooked details and events that Rydöbruk holds? And at the same time how can we suggest ways for these microhistories to be present in temporary contexts, here, today?


Residence artists

Johanna Byström Sims

Shadowplay – Hylte

Eric Andersson

Shadowplay – Hylte


Then will be now and then is here

Johanna Byström Sims

Film – Konstnärsporträtt

Portrait of Eric Andersson

Eric Andersson

Film – Konstnärsporträtt

Portrait of Johanna Byström Sims

Johanna Byström Sims


August 10

13:00 – 16:00

Nature vs culture walk


Rydöbruk, Hylte


4 May, 2024 – 30 April, 2026

Kulturarvet Sågverkstomten

Eric Andersson

Sågverkstomten, Rydöbruk

AIO Journal

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AIO Journal #15

Davor Abazovic
Hanna Bergman
Lars Fridén
Stina Edblom

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