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Kulturarvet Sågverkstomten

4 May, 2024 - 30 April, 2026

Art Inside Out presents the art installation Kulturarvet Sågverkstomten by Eric Andersson, produced during his participation in the residency Shadowplay in Rydöbruk, Hylte. The artwork is located just outside a fenced, polluted industrial site where the old sawmill was once located. Based on conversations with people who worked at the sawmill and his own walks in the area, Eric Andersson examines the history and present of site and questions the notion of what constitutes our cultural heritage.

The location for the old sawmill is today a contaminated industrial site in Rydöbruk that has been fenced off for the past forty years. A site that previously housed a viable industrial production, based on the standards of the time, has now been transformed into an almost impenetrable natural area where access is prohibited pending a possible remediation.

Eric Andersson has produced a public art installation in the design of an information station titled Kulturarvet Sågverkstomten. The design is inspired by traditional information stations, similar to those found adjacent to important heritage sites, such as nature reserves or historical cultural monuments. The work points to different layers of the site’s history and present. As visitors to the site is met by fences and signs that prohibit access, his work opens up reflection on this thorny cultural heritage and asks what we do with it in the future. In his work, there are also links to about a hundred similar places around Sweden. Places that are part of our history but are never marked on any destination maps.

What does actually become part of what we see as our common cultural heritage? And what do we do with the heritage we would most like to forget or hide away? Isn’t that, too, part of our cultural heritage?


Take bus 401 from Halmstad Travel Center towards Hyltebruk and get off at Knystahall in central Rydöbruk. From Knystahall, cross the train tracks down towards Nissan and the former industrial area. Pass the restaurant Knystafors and the bridge over Nissan. Continue along the main road about 100 meters towards the Knystaria restaurant past the old industrial building. At Knystaria turn left and walk about 200 meters towards the forest. The installation the Kulturarvet Sågverkstomten is located on the edge of the forest area and parts of it can already be seen from Knystaria.

Google Maps coordinates are available here.

Limited access for people with limited ability to walk.

Unlimited access.

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