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Other Choreographies, New Spaces

June October 2021

Kungsbacka & Halmstad

The residency Other Choreographies, New Spaces dives in to the excavation of microhistory, a study of the overlooked detail where the starting point can be a place, an event, a group of people or an individual.

Critical tourism

We are all tourists. Our desire to escape daily life and reality leads us to seek out unfamiliar places and situations. Issues such as threats to the climate, immigration and the pandemic, are now affecting the way we move and travel. New contexts and overlooked stories and details create other relationships, and other choreographies and spaces. Can a new kind of attention make way for changes within ourselves and our view of a place?


Residence artists


Other Choreographies, New Spaces

Marit Kapla

Other Choreographies, New Spaces

Henning Rehnström

Other Choreographies, New Spaces

Moi Tran

Other Choreographies, New Spaces

Paribartana Mohanty & Kjell Caminha

Other Choreographies, nNw Spaces


16 November 2022

18:00 – 20:00


Reading and concert

Hallands konstmuseum, Halmstad

21 October 2021

17:30 – 19:00

Sonic signalling in reverse


Klitterbadet, Falkenberg

AIO Journal

Immerse yourself in the residence’s associated Journal.
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AIO Journal #11-12

Cecilia Gelin
Davor Abazovic
Lars Fridén

Petra Johansson

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Andrej Green – developer for film Kungsbacka kommun

Britta Nyström –  project lead & developer for art Kungsbacka kommun

Caroline Wingolf –  developer for film Kungsbacka kommun

Cecilia Gelin –  art historian & artistic support

Charlotte Ek Virack –  project lead Halmstads kommun

Charlotte Libäck –  producer Halmstads kommun

Daniel Borgman –  cultural heritage at Region Halland

Davor Abazovic – producer AIO

Evelina Lindblom – unit manager Hallands Konstmuseum

Henric Benesch – centre for critical heritage studies (Gothenburg University)

Ingrid Holmberg – centre for critical heritage studies (Gothenburg University)

Joacim Eneroth – curator for public art Halmstad kommun

Johan Dahnberg – curator Hallands konstmuseum

Johanna Petersson – cultural heritage Region Halland

Karolina Peterson – director for art at Kulturförvaltningen Halmstad kommun

Lars Fridén – producert AIO

Petra Johansson – Artistic director AIO

Sofia Larsson – antiquarian Kungsbacka kommun

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