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September December 2019

Laholms kommun

In Laholm, the theater is located in the centre of the small town. It is used as a stage for guest performances without a fixed ensemble, and houses municipal council meetings as well as revues, concerts and lectures. In autumn 2019, the performing arts collective Nyxxx was invited to a residency at the theatre. They work as a collective with the ambition to create intimate artistic experiences and playful games where the audience, both as individual bodies and as a temporary community, can participate.

What is a theater?

A residency offers the participating artists time. Time to stop for a moment, time to experiment, time to investigate something that is yet untested. As a performing arts collective, Nyxxx is spread across Sweden and Denmark. Since its inception seven years ago, they have converged in different constellations and in different locations.

In an almost full ensemble, five of the Nyxxx members came together during this four week residency. They developed methods for listening to the historic Laholm theater with all its spatialities and levels. Every week during the residency, Nyxxx invited Laholm residensts to listen to and explore the theater together with them.

So, what exactly is a theater? A place where we can hide under the cover of darkness in the salon, a place for dreams, a place to meet? In Nyxxx’s investigative work at Laholm’s theater, there is much more to discover.

Residence artists


Room, stage, salon, balcony, Nyxxx


3 December 2019


Twelve talking dolls – the subjects


Laholm Theatre

AIO Journal

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AIO Journal #8

Petra Johansson

Cecilia Gelin

Hanna Bergman

Linus Lundberg

Kristina Meiton

Helena Persson

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Linus Lundberg – communicator Laholms kommun

Maria Wikrén – local project lead

Linda Tillander – communicator Kultur i Halland

Ika Nord – theater consultant Halland

Sarah Melin and Malin Schiller – Gothenburg’s Dance- and theatre festival

Frida Talik, Maria Wikrén and Linus Lundberg – Laholm kommun

Petra Johansson – Artistic director AIO

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