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Stories We Told the Forest

Stories we told the forest, is a series of artworks consisting of wooden relief and sculptural elements together with recorded stories, thoughts and reflections by the writer and artist Kayo Mpoyi.

In Kayo Mpoyi´s audio recording you get to meet different voices and stories that speak about navigating the language of loss, which form an origin myth about trauma, inherited for generations.

There are two listening stations in the exhibition Forgotten Realms where you can sit down and listen to the story: in the workers’ housing and in the church. At each listening station there is a wooden carving on which the stories are engraved and can be seen as illustrations for the reading performed by Mpoyi in the recording.

Along Mrs Dickson’s church path between the church and the castle, Kayo Mpoyi has created a sculpture out of moss and branches and carved in wooden slabs, stumps and old logs, that can be seen as illustrations for the sound work. Follow the markings along the path to find them.

You can listen to the recordings here below.

Du kan också lyssna på uppläsningen här nedan.


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