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Then becomes now and later is here

4 May 2024 - 30 April 2026

In Knystahallsparken, Art Inside Out presents the work Then becomes now and then is here, by Johanna Byström Sims. It is a sound installations that you can experience through Augmented Reality using your mobile phone. The art work was created during residency Shadow play and consists of five audio stories that mix voices from then and now. Bring a mobile phone and headphones for the best experience.

The history of Rydö is constantly being updated. The mill has played an important role in the village’s identity, but for the children growing up today, life at the mill is something they have only been told about. Their own experiences are about completely different things. Past and present are woven together in everyday life.

During the residency Johanna Byström Sims dug into Rydö Bruksmuseum’s archives, where there are exciting sound recordings with voices from the past. Recollections from people in the village who tell about experiences from the mill or sing songs that no one knows anymore. There are also relatives of mill workers who describe an upbringing characterized by the ideals that prevailed during industrialization. During her stay, Johanna Byström Sims on several occasions met some of the children at Rydö school and became curious about their thoughts. Their stories carry what constitutes the history of tomorrow. In the exhibition and sound artwork, you can take part in different layers of new and old stories. Together, they offer a picture of the web of memories and experiences that make up Rydö’s identity.

Five story collages are placed in Knystahallsparken. With headphones and a mobile phone you can experience the sound work.


Take bus 401 from Halmstad Travel Center towards Hyltebruk and exit at Knystahall (the boundary stone) in Rydöbruk.

Photo by Art Inside Out and Johanna Byström Sims

Limited access for people with limited ability to walk.

The exhibition can be accessed around the clock.

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