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Shift Äskhult

7-10 November, 2018

I utställningen Skift Äskhult bjöds besökare in att uppleva verk av Cora Jongsma, Klára Petra Szabó/Tamás Szvet och Kristina Müntzig som på olika sätt visade på hur samtidskonsten kan hjälpa oss att förstå oss själva och vår historia genom nya gestaltningar och tolkningar av det förflutna.

With the exhibition Shift Äskhult presented at the cultural reserve Äskhult in Kungsbacka between September 7-10, 2018, Art Inside Out explored various forms of exchanges between contemporary art and cultural heritage.

With Äskhult, and the stories, objects and archive material which relate to the area as the point of departure, the artists Cora Jongsma, Kristina Müntzing and the artist duo Klára Petra Szabó / Tamás Szvet, were invited to produce and present new works. With shift as an overarching theme, the exhibition investigated the periods of transition in which new techniques within farming, industry and crafts have reshaped our societies. What can Äskhult tell us about ourselves and our current way of living?

Participating artists

Cora Jongsma (Netherlands) uses the textile material felt to investigate how the land is shaped and cultivated by humans. During the exhibition Shift Äskhult, she presented “feltscape”, which can be read as a material memory map of the historical relationship between man and the earth. This analysis of the landscape became a starting point for a conversation about how the land can be cared for in the future.

Kristina Müntzing (Sweden) uses arts and crafts to visualize radical, political movements. By interweaving images into hybrid sculptures and image weaves, she links different times and geographies with each other.

Artist duo Klára Petra Szabó & Tamás Szvet (Hungary) were fascinated by stories from Äskhult’s history. Using virtual reality technology, they created a work of these stories.

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