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17:00 - 19:00, Castle Church at Tjolöholm, Kungsbacka

Art Inside Out’s summer exhibition “Forgotten worlds” ends with a concert with acclaimed musician Sara Parkman.

Violinist, singer and composer Sara Parkman has questioned and embraced traditions so unabashedly and thoughtfully that she has created a musical universe of her own; a kind of high-pitched spiritual pop – mysterious, powerful and maximalist. Folk music is mixed with synths, cattle songs from shacks with thousand-year-old religious music. The lyrics have literary references and are inspired by, among others, the Norwegian group Wardruna’s music based on Old Norse culture and mythology, the composer and mystic Hildegard of Bingen who lived in the 12th century and Elin Wägner who defended life and peace and saw it as man’s task to try to be a creative power when the world burns.

Over the years, Sara Parkman has been awarded multiple times at the Folk and World Music Gala, awarded the Dagens Nyheter’s Culture Prize, named the year’s best live act at the Manifest Gala and Folk Music of the Year at the Grammy Awards.

In collaboration with Musik Hallandia, Art Inside Out invites you to an intimate gig in Tjolöholm’s castle church with Sara Parkman, accompanied by Hampus Norén and Tuva Syvertsen, singer in the Norwegian band Valkyrien Allstars. It will be an evening to remember – about divine revelations, ancient folk beliefs, death and eternal love!

Warm welcome!


Photo: Märta Thisner

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