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Self-Care Then and now

April September 2019


The residency Self-Care Then and Now investigates the notion of self-care and the legacy of the spa. Is self-care a selfish endeavor, or is it the very basis for living and ensuring we are there for others? Is self-care necessary in order to not abandon oneself? How do we manage to take care of ourselves today so that we can handle life, which seems to move at an ever increasing pace and which leaves more and more people with no opportunities for self-care or a sense of community?

An understanding of self-care

Can nurturing collectivity actually be a part of self-care? Self-care has also been corrupted or taken over by other financial interests, by capital, the tourism industry and so on. How do we see through structures to avoid being deceived or falling in at the risk of abandoning ourselves again?

The aim of the residency is to explore self-care. How can we fill a concept that does not really exist in Swedish with content? The english term “self-care;” refers to an individual’s own handling of physical or mental loss of function or health problems. An expanded definition of self-care also includes an individual’s efforts to promote their own health and to prevent sickness. In this residency writers, thinkers and artists have been invited to put different facets of self-care into words, which can offer inspiration for its´ expanded meaning.

With Varberg as a starting point, the three international artists Crystal Z Campbell, Henna-Riikka Halonen and Eleni Kamma reflect on the evolution of the spa. During their residency they met people who have been active at the spa, people who have used it for self-care, and others who are active on site in archives and at museums. Based on their artistic practices, they reflected on historical writing and the development of the spa from its birth up to our era.

Residence artists

Crystal Z Campbell

Self-care then and now

Eleni Kamma

Self-care then and now

Henna-Riikka Halonen

Self-care then and now


8 September 2019

17:45 – 21:00



Starting at Kallbadhuset in Varberg

AIO Journal

Immerse yourself in the residence’s associated Journal.
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AIO Journal #7

Petra Johansson

Cecilia Gelin

Hanna Bergman

Davor Abazovic

Kristina Meiton

Helena Persson

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Camilla Påhlsson – Artistic director Kultur och fritidsförvaltningen Varbergs kommun

Cecilia Gelin – artistic support, art historian and writer

Davor Abazovic – producer

Krystallia Sakellariou – local project lead, artist

Petra Johansson – Artistic director AIO

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