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between the Rains

May October 2022

Varberg & Laholm

Between the Rains uses the concept “ecological literacy” – how we detect and comprehend ecological interplay – as point of departure for a residency that explores how artistic processes can meddle and go into dialogue with contemporary debates concerning environmental issues, posthumanist ideas about interpecial affinities and an emergent need for sustainable transitions of our communities.

Ecological literacy

The title, Between the rains, refers to the radical fluxes in water flows and general disturbances in climate that will become reality if current scenarios for increased global average temperatures in oceans, soil and atmosphere are not being prevented. In the poetic and physical gap between the falling rains there is still space for action, in unison with complex and entangled ecosystems. A space for breathing when facing the challenges that lies ahead. Guided by artistic competences and critical imagination the residence facilitates various readings of these ecological systems and evokes other and more equal, robust and sustainable ways to understand, engage and interact with them. Maybe, art, in that capacity and without having to formulate definite answers, can point at bridges between knowledge gaps, expose conditions, nudge norms, inverse perspectives and indicate alternative spaces for action.


Residence artists

Pia Rönicke

Between the Rains – Varberg and Laholm

Kruno Jošt

Between the Rains – Varberg and Laholm

Jan Carleklev

Between the Rains – Varberg and Laholm

Maj Horn

Between the Rains – Varberg and Laholm


23 October 2022

Friday 16:00

Playing for the Microbes in Viskan

Family activity

Byaregårdens brygghus, Varberg

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AIO Journal #13-14

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