Place. Poetry. Periphery.

Six Nordic poets took part in a four-week residency in beautiful Hylte municipality in Halland, with accommodation, travel, premises and remuneration paid from 24 April – 19 May 2017. They had the opportunity to work on their own as well as with others on the theme of plats, poesi, periferi (place, poetry, periphery).

Swedish, Norwegian and Danish language poets were selected after an open call for applications. During a four-week residency in Hylte municipality, they worked on developing their writing and providing criticism and inspiration for each other’s texts. The purpose of the residency was for the writers to base their work on the place and themes linked to it such as periphery, fringe, boundary and countryside. The focus was on the creative process. The main part of the residency consisted of time for own writing (which was not required to keep to the theme but it was a plus point if it did). The rest was devoted specifically to the theme, and the writers could then either work individually or collaborate with one or more of the other residency participants.

Selected poets

The call for applications made during autumn 2016 attracted many poets to apply with project ideas, samples of their work and presentations. The selection was made by Kultur i Halland and Hylte municipality along with Marie Silkeberg, and in consultation with Göteborgs litteraturhus. The poets chosen for the residency were:

  • Jun Feng / Jimbut (Denmark, b. 1965)
  • Åsa Maria Kraft (Sweden, b. 1965)
  • Morten Langeland (Norway, b. 1986)
  • Jonas Rolsted (Denmark, b. 1980)
  • Heidi von Wright (Finland, b. 1980)
  • Helena Österlund (Sweden, b. 1978)

We are incredibly pleased to have received so many applications from qualified applicants. We received a total of 55 applications from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The selection process was difficult and in the end, the selection group based their choices mainly on the project descriptions that had been sent in, ensuring that there were participants from all four countries.

In dialogue with place and audience

The residency started off with an introduction to the place and municipality based specifically on questions around the theme, consisting of meetings and dialogues with people from the local area, other writers and/or researchers currently working on the theme. Also, the writers got to know the place through study trips and excursions.

Jonas Börjesson, a film maker from Halmstad, has followed the process and produced a poetic film based on the theme of the residency.

Texts to be published in the periodical Provins

Poems from all residency participants will be published in the periodical Provins in autumn 2017.

Seminar, 30 Sept 2017: The significance of poetry on and for the periphery

“Scener & samtal” event series arranged by Göteborgs litteraturhus, 29–30 September at the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg. Art Inside Out in collaboration with Provins is hosting a seminar on the significance of poetry on and for the periphery, Saturday 30/9 at 12:15 pm. Participants are David Väyrynen, Marie Silkeberg and Jonas Gren. Moderator: Helena Fagertun