Create dreams – shape places

The design residency “Skapa drömmar – forma platser” (Create dreams – shape places) centres around identity, place and dreams in Falkenberg municipality. Focusing on design, the residency investigates the relationship between town and country in two sub-processes, one in the interior and one in the administrative centre.

Residency participants Byggstudio (Hanna Nilsson and Sofia Østerhus) and Samir Alj Fält work with inclusive design methods and participant-based creative processes. They like the public to be co-actors in the processes and design work.

Sub-process 1 – Young people’s dreams for the future (Slöinge)

Marginalisation is often associated with the various districts of large cities, but what’s it like to grow up in the countryside? And how are children’s dreams for the future shaped in Slöinge?
Samir Alj Fält works to ensure that children are able to develop into individuals who can transcend their limitations and have the potential to shape their own dreams. During the design residency, he will be getting children and young people in Slöinge involved in collective creative processes.
Along with Emma Andersson, a children’s culture designer with roots in Halland, Samir Alj Fält bases his work on inclusive design methods that are adapted to local conditions. Several activities are planned for the period, in which parents, grandparents and other adults are invited to participate.

Sub-process 2 – The city’s meeting spaces (Falkenberg)

How do we design pleasant public environments, how do we facilitate encounters between people of all ages and how do we contribute to activities in the city’s spaces? These are key questions for the Byggstudio design duo. Falkenberg municipality is planning a new knowledge and arts centre in the midst of the administrative centre of Falkenberg, and its various sections will be linked together by a new town park. The project involving the new district of Krispeln entails coming up with new construction solutions and redesigning parts of the existing building.
Along with architect Simon Poulsgaard, who has lived in Halland, Byggstudio is working during its residency on the town park that will link together various parts of the new knowledge and arts centre in Falkenberg. Sofia Østerhus and Hanna Nilsson from Byggstudio will base their work during the design residency on citizens’ ideas and thoughts about their town.