The organisation

Art Inside Out is an organisation that promotes professional creative activity and cultural development based on the concept of residencies and is run as a partnership between the municipalities in Halland and Region Halland.

How we work

All Halland municipalities have entered into partnership agreements with Region Halland. Separate agreements for individual residencies will be drawn up by the relevant host municipality.

All six municipalities and Kultur i Halland are represented on the management group and the reviewing panel.

Staff and working groups

Kultur i Halland at Region Halland is responsible for the operations management of Art Inside Out and for project management and administration.

Art Inside Out has two members of staff, an Operations Manager and a Creative Producer, who are supported by financial, communications and administrative staff at Kultur i Halland.

A working group will be formed for each residency, with a local Project Manager appointed by the municipality hosting the particular residency. The local Project Manager and the working group will work closely with the Creative Producer and Operations Manager at Kultur i Halland.

Selection and ideas for future residencies

Proposals for future residencies will be put together and processed by a reviewing panel, based on ideas and suggestions from a variety of sources. The reviewing panel will process the documentation and proposals and will promote and propose residencies to the management group.

The management group will consider the proposals and submit their recommendations to Kultur i Halland’s Administrative Director, who will make the final decision.