Our mission

Art Inside Out is an organisation that promotes artistic creativity and engagement with audiences in flexible, cross-cultural formats through the concept of residencies. A residency is an opportunity for a creative practitioner to come to work in Halland for a set period of time with support that may include funding for staff, technical facilities, accommodation and work premises.

Art Inside Out is run as a partnership between the municipalities in Halland and Region Halland.
It aims to stimulate the development of artistic activity by increasing opportunities for various forms of artistic production. The work will subsequently be made accessible to Halland residents through various types of public event.

Art Inside Out is a unique venture that:

  • offers residencies in all art forms and genres
  • is active in various places in Halland
  • is run as a partnership between the six municipalities in Halland and Region Halland
  • is aimed at creative practitioners, audiences and residents
  • operates on a local, national and international basis

Art Inside Out helps to provide arts practitioners with new impulses and new contexts within which to work, while residents will have opportunities to get involved in artistic processes and experiences. This will establish Halland as a region that promotes artistic creativity, thereby increasing the range of cultural activity available to residents.


In recent years, many different places in Halland have hosted artistic residency projects involving artistic creativity and engagement with audiences. National and international creative practitioners have been invited to spend time working in the region, leading to many new and exciting forms of engagement and the creation of new artistic product.

These artistic residencies, funded for three years by the Swedish Arts Council and Region Halland, have laid the foundations for the new Art Inside Out organisation. Undertaken between 2013 and 2015, they have enabled the municipalities and the region to establish a good partnership model.

The decision to set up Art Inside Out is fully endorsed at both regional and municipal level. Plans for an arts organisation venture based on residencies were first outlined in the Halland Cultural Plan for 2014–2016.

Art Inside Out will start work in 2016.